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Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz CA

Situated along the Pacific Ocean and flanked by mountain ranges, Santa Cruz, CA is renowned for its easygoing atmosphere and lifestyle.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy a number of activities in Santa Cruz. Hiking the nearby redwood forests yields amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. The waves of the Pacific Ocean is a thrill for surfers and breathtaking for sightseers. Tourists flock to the world famous Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which features the one of the most known wooden roller coasters. Folks in Santa Cruz enjoy a pleasant Mediterranean weather where various events happen almost any time of the year.

Of course, being near the ocean calls for great seafood. Santa Cruz offers a plethora of seafood restaurants that serve clam chowder, fish & chips and other delicious seafood.

We, at Mick’s Automotive love living here and are proud to call Santa Cruz, CA our home. Since opening our doors over 20 years ago, we have had the pleasure to provide Santa Cruz with dependable and trustworthy auto repairs.

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