How to Beat the Heat: 3 Summer Subaru Maintenance Tips You Need to Know Now


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How to Beat the Heat: 3 Summer Subaru Maintenance Tips

When you buy a Subaru, you make a pact. You take care of your Subaru and it’ll take care of you for many, many years to come. According to research, you could slash the life of your car by as much as 25% (50+ thousand miles) simply by neglecting Subaru Maintenance. That’s a lot of missed ball games, picnics, concerts and commutes that you could have shared together. Unperformed maintenance costs car owners around $2 billion a year. When the days get hot, it needs a little extra protection. What you do to offer this protection can significantly impact your Subaru’s lifespan of dependable performance. Let’s explore 3 summer Subaru maintenance responsibilities that you shouldn’t ignore — and we’re not even going to talk about oil changes.

Radiator & Hoses

We’ve all seen the movies in which a stranded motorist stands helplessly by their vehicle as it spews steam or stops dead from overheating on a blistering day. Or maybe you’ve been this motorist. This isn’t just more Hollywood drama. This can really happen without Subaru maintenance. To prevent it:

  • Make sure that your radiator is filled in the appropriate coolant/water concentration
  • Flush the radiator at least every 2 years
  • Have your radiator checked by a professional before going on a road trip
  • If you see your car overheating, turn your AC off and the heater on to pull heat off the engine. Feel free to park while you’re doing this. We don’t want to see you passing out from the heat.
  • Check hoses for leaks, cracks and peeling. Replace them before they wear out to avoid getting stranded.


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A major portion of the $2 billion mentioned above can be attributed to collisions that can occur when you don’t maintain your tires. The summer months, in particular, can brutalize your tires in several ways:

  • Hot air expands putting extra internal pressure on the tires
  • Hot road temperature can temporarily weaken tires, making them more prone to a blowout
  • Prolonged exposure to the heat can permanently break down strong tire fibers.

There are several things that you can do to reduce the breakdown and extend the life of your tires.

  • Have tires rotated and balanced – This avoids putting excessive, repeated pressure on a specific area of your tire. It redistributes the weight allowing tires to wear more evenly.
  • Properly inflate tires – Only fill your tires while they’re cool. And follow the pressure recommendation in your Subaru manual. Fill them in the early morning when possible. Find a filling station that’s close, so you don’t heat up the tires before filling. Or have them filled when you go in for Subaru Maintenance, in which case they always fill them last.
  • Keep an eye on tire pressure – Tires lose pressure over as little as two weeks. Check the pressure at least that often and add some air as necessary.

Air Conditioning

Don’t get stuck without an AC this summer. If the air doesn’t seem to be cooling as it should, it may need some tender loving care. Take it in for a check up to:

  • Replace the cabin air filter which can get saturated with dust and road debris
  • Have the refrigerant levels and the area checked for leaks

Subaru Maintenance Pays You Back

Maintaining your vehicle isn’t an expense. It will pay you back many times over in a significantly extended life of your car. If you haven’t brought your Subaru in for a checkup yet this summer, schedule a convenient appointment with us today.

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