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As the name suggests, Twin Lakes, CA is mostly water. In fact, almost half of the cities 1.2 square miles is water. This makes it the ideal location to enjoy Twin Lakes State Beach, Santa Cruz Harbor and Schwan Lake.

Those who would like to visit Santa Cruz but prefer a more low-key atmosphere, go to Twin Lakes State Beach. A number of activities can be found around Twin Lakes. Sea animals such as otters, seals and sea lions are a treat for kids to see, while adults can hang out in the sun, huddle around one of the dozen fire pits, or swim in the ocean. Best of all, its proximity to Santa Cruz makes it just a short walk from Twin Lakes to all the great things you can do there.

Twin Lakes CA, Santa Cruz CA

Just as Twin Lakes, CA offers the best of quietness and closeness to action, Mick’s Automotive in Santa Cruz offers the best of auto repairs and customer service. Whether you’re a long-time resident, new to our county, or are visiting from out of town, we perform all your auto repair needs.

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