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Your car is your most important investment outside of owning a home. General wear and tear and exposure to the elements can cause your car to take a beating. Without regular maintenance, wear and tear will show.  Regular car-care is something that should become part of your normal routine. Below are some tips to help you keep up with the interior and exterior care of your car.

Make car cleaning a monthly ritual.  It’s pretty simple; a dirty car will attract more dirt and grime and can lead to erosion. To avoid damage to the interior or exterior of your car, start a simple cleaning routine every month. Use a good hand held vacuum and use a sponge on vinyl surfaces. This will also help to maintain resale value of your car.

Use floor mats.  Always use a good quality mat to help preserve the floor carpeting in your car. Finding a heavy duty plastic or rubber mat is best and can be washed by hand with water.

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Don’t neglect those mats. Those floor board mats play host to a lot of grit and grime. Be sure to not only vacuum them and wipe them down by hand but blast the mats with a high pressure hose.  This will ensure removal of the toughest dirt. Let them dry in the sun before placing them back in your car.

Treat the gauges with care. Your interior gauges are like the windows to the soul of your car. Using an abrasive cleanser or rough cloth can permanently scratch the gauge surfaces, defacing your vehicle and making it difficult to read gauges.  Be sure to use a soft, damp cloth and lightly wipe down the lenses to avoid damage.

Park your car in the shade. Soaring temperatures and ultraviolet rays wreak havoc on car upholstery.  Opt for a tree, car shade, carport of a garage. This will help preserve the condition of your car and keep the temperature cooler upon your return. Please be sure to never leave children or pets alone in any vehicle.


When nature calls. Bird droppings are highly acidic and lead to paint erosion. As soon as you see droppings on your vehicle, be sure to clean them off using a gentle cloth, making sure not to rub the droppings further into the paint. If you find you’ve waited too long there are cleaners made to safely remove bird droppings without damaging the paint.

Check headlights and brake lights frequently. Driving home in the dark without headlights or being unable to give a proper brake warning to other vehicles is an accident waiting to happen. Be sure to change out old bulbs as soon as you can.

Properly store your car for longer periods of time. Gong out of town for an extended period of time? Make sure you have a safe and secure place to store your car. Proper storage also includes a full tank of gas, a car cover and the ability to start the car every so often in order to keep the battery fresh. If you don’t have someone to start your car while you are gone you can purchase a battery tender which will alleviate a battery discharge.

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