Tips for 2018 and Older Tacoma Repair in Santa Cruz


One of the best-sellers in the 2016 Kelley Blue Book list, commonly seen in TV and films, and one driven by none other than celebrity Christian Bale. The Toyota Tacoma.

There's no denying that this pickup truck from Japanese automaker Toyota has become a preferred trucker's choice. And the statistics back it up. It sold like pancakes in 2017, with a whopping total of 198,124 sales in the US.

But like every other machine, even your mighty Tacoma would need repairs at some point.

Common Toyota Tacoma Problems

Don't worry. You'll find pros specializing in Tacoma repair in Santa Cruz. Whatever the year, you can rely on these experts for a prompt fixing of your truck.

The question is, what exactly should you look for when choosing a service shop for your Tacoma repair in Santa Cruz?

Here's what you need to look for to ensure you take your prized ride only to a trustworthy repair service.

Knowledge of the Most Common Toyota Tacoma Problems

Whatever your reason was for getting a Tacoma, you're most likely one of the many happy owners out there. You've only experienced minor issues with it in the past, but most of the time, it drives great and safely takes you from point A to point B.

Remember though: It's still a machine. And a machine, much like humans, will develop problems.

This is especially true when you haven't done your part in taking it to its recommended service schedule.

So, now that you need Tacoma repair in Santa Cruz, how do you choose the right one? First and foremost, make sure that your chosen repair service has an in-depth understanding of the most common problems in this particular Toyota line-up.

There are several of them, with many needing Toyota-specific knowledge. Here are some such issues that warrant a Toyota Tacoma repair expert.

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Toyota Tacoma Maintenance Santa Cruz

Jerks and Stutters

This is a common problem amongst Tacomas, be it a 2018 or an older model. A misfiring engine, faulty spark plugs, bad wires, and malfunctioning torque converter are just some of the culprits. Unless you have diagnostic tools and repair equipment, these are issues best left to licensed mechanics.

You can help with the diagnosis though. For instance, you can tell the Tacoma repair in Santa Cruz about the last time you've replaced your truck's plugs and wires. Although these are durable, going beyond 50,000 to 70,000 miles is too much to ask from the same parts.

Once you've reached this mark, you'd need to replace them. And to avoid future problems, make sure you get replacements after hitting the 30,000- to 40,000-mile mark.

Water Pump Leaks

Water pump problems are also common issues in the Tacoma lineup, with some occurring as early as the truck racks up 30,000 miles. In most cases, the source is a faulty seal, which results in a gradual leak. A clear indication that you have a faulty water pump is seeing the pooled water below the truck where you usually park it.

You should bring this in for service right away. A failed water pump often results in engine overheat. And constant overheating can cause the engine itself to fail, leading to far more costly repairs.

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Poor Transmission

The Toyota Tacoma, like every other exceptional ride out there, still has its flaws. And a less-than-stellar transmission is one of them. This said, it's vital you look more closely at your transmission and monitor its performance over the years.

Pay attention to the following aspects of your Tacoma's transmission:

  • Lack of or delay in response
  • Low fluid levels (or leaks)
  • Odd motions (grinding, shaking, or vibrating)
  • Difficulties in shifting gears
  • Problems with the clutch, such as dragging or burning odors
Toyota Tacoma service in Santa Cruz

And of course, there's the tell-tale signal of a lit transmission warning light on the dashboard.

Whichever of these symptoms you experience, a Tacoma repair service in Santa Cruz with lengthy experience can help you diagnose the issue ASAP. Just make sure you bring your truck in for a check-up as soon as you notice these signs.

Experience in Repairs of All Tacoma Models and Years

Toyota introduced the Tacoma back in 1995. This year then marks the pickup's 23rd year in service. That's quite impressive, seeing as some models don't even last a decade in production.

However, this lengthy production time also means that it now has more than 20 different years. And that doesn't even include the count of model types.

Choosing a repair service without specific training and experience with Tacomas can be a bad decision. For the simple reason that the mechanic may only know of generic repairs. These repairs usually don't solve the root cause of Tacoma-specific issues.

For instance, the 2016 Toyota Tacoma is famous for its hesitating and hard shifts. Another common but specific problem to Tacomas has something to do with the 3.5 V6 and automatic transmission-equipped models.

This said, you should already realize why it's best you work only with mechanics who've experienced dealing with these issues. This way, you can rest assured that they'll promptly - and correctly - repair the problem you have with your Toyota truck.

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ASE Certified Mechanics in Santa Cruz

ASE Certification Matters

You might have heard about ASE Certifications and wondered if it's important when choosing a Tacoma repair in Santa Cruz. The simple answer is yes, it's important and it matters. Why?

Because holding the title of an ASE Certified Master Technician means that a mechanic has received certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

And not just any certificate. A certificate for having in-depth knowledge of every mechanical and electrical part of an automobile. Toyota Tacoma included.

The last thing you want is to have your prized truck repaired (shoddily) by someone who only claims to be a licensed mechanic. You want the reassurance that the technician you choose know exactly what to do with your ride to properly repair it. Some people may consider your pickup truck as a luxury, but for you, it's your best work tool.

ASE-certified mechanics understand how important your Tacoma is to you. And they will do everything to the best of their abilities to ensure you can continue driving and riding in it safely.

Prompt Tacoma Repair in Santa Cruz Makes a Huge Difference

The Toyota Tacoma may be one of the best pickup trucks in North America. But again, it still needs TLC from its owners. So, listen to your truck, and make sure you have it looked at and repaired as soon as needed.

Our ASE-Certified technicians are here to help. Call us now to schedule your Toyota Tacoma for repairs or for a much-needed inspection and tune-up.

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