Important Toyota Tundra Repair Schedules Every Owner Should Follow



Any Toyota Tundra repair can get expensive, like any vehicle to a degree, and every vehicle needs some tender loving care to keep it running like a dream. A regular schedule for auto maintenance will keep your Toyota Tundra running smoothly while keeping it’s value up.

Though expenses can vary from year to year, the average yearly cost to maintain a Tundra can be below $400.  Taking care of problems while they’re small is always cheaper than waiting for them to get big.  Out of 435 repairs, 72% cost less than $500.

Following this suggested Toyota Tundra repair schedule is a great way to avoid big, more expensive repairs. Even if you have to make a repair once in awhile, they’re likely to cost less to fix, after having regularly scheduled repair & maintenance.

Toyota Tundra Repair Schedule

Cars undergo different stresses depending on where and how they are driven. That means that things won’t break the same on every vehicle.

A reputable mechanic can advise you on your car’s specific needs. Keep in mind that not all mechanics are reputable, though. Unless you know you can trust your mechanic, don’t just take their word for it.

We recommend taking a look at this Toyota Tundra repair schedule. This will give you a good idea of what should be happening with your vehicle. Then it will be more difficult for an unscrupulous mechanic to take advantage of you.

Every 5,000 Miles

The average American drives 13,476 miles per year. That means that it takes the average driver just over four months to drive 5,000 miles.

How long it takes you depends on your individual driving habits of course. Driving habits can vary quite significantly from person to person. That is why our schedule is based on a number of miles rather than time.

What should happen every 5,000 miles? This basic maintenance routine.

  • Tire rotation
  • Check and top off all fluids
  • Check the wiper blades
  • Check the brake linings or drums and brake pads or discs

For the sake of brevity, we’re not going to write this out every time. Know that this is the basic Toyota Tundra repair schedule that should happen every 5,000 miles.

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Every 10,000 Miles

Every 10,000 miles there is one extra step in addition to the regular basic maintenance. The engine oil and oil filter should be changed.

Every 30,000 Miles

Every 30,000 miles the list gets a bit longer. Parts begin to wear out after driving a vehicle for this long.

To avoid more drastic repairs here are the parts to check/replace. Remember, this is in addition to what we’ve already mentioned.

  • Replace both the cabin and engine air filters

Check each of the following:

  • the transmission fluid (for Tundras with automatic transmissions)
  • ball joints and dust covers
  • brakes lines and hoses
  • driveshaft boots
  • engine coolant
  • the exhaust pipe and its mountings
  • the oil in the front differential
  • the fuel lines and connections
  • the fuel tank band
  • the hoses for the fuel tank vapor vent system
  • the gasket for the fuel tank cap
  • the radiator and the condenser
  • the steering gearbox
  • the steering linkage and boots

This list might look a little scary. Don’t worry, it isn’t that bad. A good mechanic will know how to check all this stuff efficiently.

You don’t really need to know all this. But you will sound smart if you ask your mechanic if he remembered to check the drive shaft boots!

At 45,000 Miles

At 45,000 miles you should check some of the same things on the 30,000 miles list again. Your Tundra is getting older now and things can start wearing out quicker.

It isn’t necessary to check the entire list. Here are the ones you should check:

  • Check ball joints and dust covers
  • Check brakes lines and hoses
  • Check driveshaft boots
  • Check engine coolant
  • Check the exhaust pipe and its mountings
  • Check the radiator and the condenser
  • Check the steering gearbox
  • Check the steering linkage and boots

From here on out, you should check these items every 15,000 miles. For example, you should check the entire 30,000-mile list at 60,000 miles. At 75,000 you should again check this abbreviated version.

Continue following this schedule. Be sure to perform all the relevant checks and replacements at each mileage level.

This will keep your car running smoothly. Plus you should avoid having a major Toyota Tundra repair.

At 120,000

Once you reach 120,000 miles there are a few extra items to add to the list.

If you’ve been following this regime, your car still has lots of life left in it. Your Tundra just needs a little extra bit of love at the 120,000-mile mark.

In addition to what you should already be doing (see every 30,000 miles), you should do the following

  • Check/replace the drive belts
  • Replace the spark plugs

Toyota Tundras are good trucks that will last a long time. Just check out this Toyota Tundra still going strong after 1,000,000 miles! The owner says he has made no repairs outside of following a normal maintenance schedule.

Take care of your Toyota truck and it will take care of you.

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The Right Mechanic

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